1988 Vol.03(3)



Mechanism of DNA Packaging in the Double-Stranded DNA Bacteriophages

GUO Pei-Xuan

1988, 3(3): 231

Study on the Hamster Infected with Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Virus

ZHU Zhi-Yong, LI Yan-Jin, TANG Han-Yang, WENG Jing-Qing, FU Gui-Meng, TAO Shun-Rong, YU Yong-Xin, DONG Guan-Mu

1988, 3(3): 249

It was shown in our study the hamster is susceptible to Epidemic Hemor- rhagic Fever Virus(EHFV) including the wild-mouse type(strains Z_3, Z_4, Z_5, Z_(10), 76—118) and the house-rat type(strains Z_(26), R_(22), SR-11,Z_(30),Z_(34)). The hamster was successfully infected intramuscularly, intraperitoneally, subcutaneously and intrapulmonaryly or intracerebrally (suckling hamster) but not orally. EHFV antigen appeared in lung 5 days after inoculation of EHFV strain Z_5 and persisted for at least 50 days.EHFV...

Study on Molecular Epidemiology of Rotaviruses among Infants with Acute Diarrhoea in Shashi

WU Jia-Ju, HU Bi-Yong, LIU Yu-Lan, ZHANG Qi-Liang

1988, 3(3): 255

This paper reports the analysis of RNA patterns of rotaviruses isolated from 131 stools of infants with acute diarrhoea in Shashi during 1980 to 1982. RNA-PAGE showed that 49 samples (37.4%)were positive,among which 45 samples were of long eletropherotype and 4 samples were of short eleetropherotype. According to the different migration patterns btween segments 7,8 and 9 predominant eleetropherotypes during the autumn in the three years were subtype 2.

Pathological Observation of Salivary Gland and Spleen in the Newborn Guinea Pigs with Acute Cytomegalovirus Infection

ZHENG Zhi-Ming, LIN Na, ZHANG Wei-Ying, ZHANG Jiang-Hong, ZHU Wei-Ping, HU Jian-Ming

1988, 3(3): 258

Subcutaneous inoculation of guinea pig cytomegalovirus (CMV) into newborn guinea pigs resulted in acute CMV infection of the animals. Guinea pigs Infected had growth retardation, salivary gland swelling, and splenomegaly. Virus could be recovered from salivary gland 5 days after ineeulation and the infectivity titers of CMV reached to a high titer of 3.7 log_(10)TCID_(50)/0.1 ml of 10% salivary gland suspensions 16 days after inoculation, Histopathological examination showed that CMV mainly caused degenerat...

Transformation of Human Embryonic Lung Cells by Ultraviolet Irradiation Inactivated Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2

CAO Zong-Li, CHOU Su-Ying, DONG Jie-De, CHEN Chen-Hua, ZENG Li, YU Xiu-Beng, SONG Yuan-Di

1988, 3(3): 265

Three transformed human cell lines were obtained after infection of human embryo lung cells with ultraviolet irradiation inactivated HSV-2. The transformed cells appear polygonal resembling epithelial cells. They are morphologically compatible with neoplastic cells, Chromosome examination showed hyperdiploid karyotype. In vitro, afftcr eonfluency of monolayers they continue to grow into pyramidal masses indicating loss of contact inhibition. Indirect immunoenzymatic test revealed the presence of HSV antigen...

Studies on Monoclonal Antibodies to Hepatitis A Virus

LI Cheng-Meng, YAN Da-Chang, WANG Hong-Xi, LIU Li-Hua, CHEN Dan-Lin, ZENG Xi-Hua, BI Xiao, CHEN Li-Li

1988, 3(3): 272

Three strain hybridomas (AG3, AD2, AE8) were developed by cell fusion technique. They secreted stably MeAbs against HAV with the titer of 1: 128000—1: 1024000 in ascites fluid by ELISA. All of these McAbs are of positive reaction on HAV derived from patient s stools and cell culture, and this reaction can be inhibited by human anti HAV positive sera. The results of cell neutralization test and cross-blocking ELISA show that AE8 McAb is able to neutralize HAV infectivity, and that these McAbs recognize diffe...

Application of Dot-blot DNA Hybridization in Detection and Typing of Herpes Simplex Viruses

WEN Ping, FANG Yi-Lan

1988, 3(3): 278

HSV type-common(7.8Kb)and HSV-2type-specific(3.0kb)DNA fragments were selected out from cloned HSV-2 (333) DNA Bgl Ⅱ H_2 fragment, and labeled with ~(32)P as probes to detect and type 4 HSV standard strains and 24 cervical viral isolates by dot-blot hybrization. In the results, 2HSV-1 and 2 HSV-2 were unequivocally differentiated, and 21 out of 24 isolates were identified as HSV, in which 3 were typed as HSV-1 and 18 as HSV-2. These results were consistent with those of ELISA, morover, the identification ra...

Isolation of Hepatitis A Virus in Vitro Directly from Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell of Patients with Hepatitis A

ZHENG Ji-Shan, LIN Jian-Wen, LI Fa-Qing, ZHENG Qi-Ge, LE Mei-Zhao

1988, 3(3): 285

HAAg were detected from the samples of peripheral blood mononuelear leukocytesof patients with hepatitis A using IF technique. The positive samples weer frozen and thawed 3 times and inoculated into PLC/PRF/5 cell cultures. Two strains of HAV were isolated, The isolates proved to be HAV based on specific activity in serologic tests and morphology. The results of our studies suggested that HAV be present not only in the serum freely but also associated with leukocytes. It is a simple method to screen the sam...

Studies on Antiviral Therapy of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever

LUO Duan-De, WANG Xin-He, CAI Shu-Qing, LIU Shi-Wei, WEI Ke-Qi, JIA Jin-Sheng, CHANG Quan-Hai, ZHENG Ji-Ying, FAN Mu-Sheng

1988, 3(3): 290

105 cases of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF) were randomly divided into 2 groups, 62 cases were treated with ribavirin and 43 cases served as control. The study group received ribavirin 700-800mg/day iv infusion for 3 days, while the control group was treated with symptomatic therapy only. In the study group fever lowered and albuminuria disappeared more rapidly, other clinical symptoms were recovered much quicker and specific circulating immune complexes persisted shorter. These results showed that ribavi...

Studies on the Homology of Attacus ricini Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus and Polyhedrin Gene of Autographa californica Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus

CHEN Wei-Mei, LIN Xi-Feng, JIN Hong, LU Wen-Jun

1988, 3(3): 293

The recombinant DNA (PMA-VI DNA) containing cDNA of mRNA of polyhedringene of Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus(AcNPV) was used to transform E.coli RR_1, and colonies were selected by antibiotic resistance and colony hybridization.The colony containing PMA-VI plasmid grew in L.Broth.The plasmid DNA was rapidly isolated by boiling method, and tben recovered by electroelution. With the plasmid DNA as a probe and by Southern hybridization, the results showed that the sequence homologues to the ...

Research on a Strain of Carnation Mottle Virus Occurring in China Ⅰ. Host Range, Purification and Serology

YU Jia-Lin, LIU Yi

1988, 3(3): 300

Carnation mottle virus BS strain, which was isolated from carnation plants grown in gardens in Beijing and Shanghai of China,infected Chenopodium murale, C. amarantieolor, Gomphrena globosa and Tetragonia expansa locally, C.quinoa systemically sometimes and induced necrotic spots or chlorotic lesions on these hosts respectively. But other five species plants of two families tested were not infected. After two cycles single lesion isolation, the virus yield purified from C. quinoa by PEG(MW 6,000) precipitat...

Bacteriophage Typing of Enterotoxigenic E.coli

GE Bao-Zhen, ZHU Su-Juan, WANG Jia-Xun, CI Xi-Dong

1988, 3(3): 306

This paper reports that 46 phage strains lysing enterotoxigenic(LT, ST, LT-ST) E.coli were isolated from 82 sewage samples collected from Shanghai suburb. 19 phages of them were selected and used to type enterotoxigenie E.coli strains,75 from WHO and National Institute for tile Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Product and 51 from Fujian Provincial Health and Antiepidemic Station. It was found that they can be typed into 48 (98.66%) and 32 (98.39%)patterns respectively. Routine test dilution of the t...

Study on Percentage of Virus in Seed of Cyclanmen persicum and its Removing Method

ZHOU Lv-Qian, XIA Xiu-Qin, SUN Fu-Lin

1988, 3(3): 311

Isolation and Identification of 125 Strains of Dengue Virus in Hainan Island

CHEN Yu-Ben, WANG Fei, KUANG Ji-Shen, LIU Yue, CHEN Wen-Zhou

1988, 3(3): 313