1993 Vol.08(3)



Research Progress on Molecular Biology of Japanese Encephalitis Virus

XIANG Bing-Yi, CHEN Su-Min

1993, 8(3): 199

Preliminary Study on the Improved Antibody Capture ELISA for Detection of EHF Specific IgE,IgA and IgG Antibodies

ZHANG Dong-Hai

1993, 8(3): 207

In this study, an improved antibody capture ELISA method was established for the detection of EHF specific IgE, IgA and IgG antibodies. The anti-human IgE, IgA and IgG monoclonal antibodies were used as coated antibodies and Hantaan virus group specific McAb (A35, A25-1) were used as HRP conjugates. In order to simplify the procedure, shorter test time and promote the sensitivity, the EHF virus antigen and HRP-McAb were mixed up then added simultaneously. Thirty-nine EHF patient s sera were tested by this ...

Studies on Liver Biopsy of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever by in Situ Hybridization and Immunohistochemistry

WANG Chun-Jie, DENG Beng-Fei, ZHANG Wen, LAI Jia-Qi, LIU Feng-Ge

1993, 8(3): 213

The EHF RNA and its G2 antigen were detected by in situ hybridization and immunohistoche- mistry on liver biopsy specimens of 25 cases of EHF patients among whom 23 are postive. Our results indicated that the degeneration and the single hepatocyte necrosis were due to the EHF virus invading hepatocytes directly and replicating in their cytoplasm; the local hepatocyte necrosis may be a kind of ischemia infarct which was mainly because of micro-circulation disturbance owing to the narrow of heaptocellular si...

Experimental Infection of Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome Virus in Mice and Viral Antigen Localization in Mouse Lymphocyte Subpopulations

TANG Yong-Ming, YANG Wei-Song, HONG Tao, ZHOU Jing-Yi

1993, 8(3): 218

Double-immunoctytochemistry and double-immunoelectron microscopy were applied to investigate the pathogenesis and virus localization in cyclophosphamide-treated adult and suckling BALB/c mice af- ter the infection of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome virus. It was found that, after the infec tion, immunologically immature or deficient mice developed disease and died regularly, while normal adult mice showed only a subelinical infection. The major difference of virus localization between the diseased and...

The Effect of 6K Protein of Sindbis Virus on Viral Maturation and Release

LIANG Feng-Xia, DING Meng-Xiao

1993, 8(3): 226

A small hydrophobic polypeptide of 55 amino acids, noted as the 6K protein, could be detected in purified preparations of Sindbis virions (SbV). 6K proteins become associated to the E2 protein after their cynthesis in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and during their transport process from ER to the cell surface. The morphogenetical characteristics of 6K mutant (Cys38Ser) of SbV with acylation site replacement in the 6K protein showed that the behavior of 6K mutant is very similar to the E2 mu- tant of SbV w...

Western Blot Analysis of Viral Proteins Of Adult Diarrhea Rotavirus

FANG Zhao-Yin, WEN Le-Yang, R.Glass

1993, 8(3): 235

Adult diarrhea rotavirus (ADRV) is known as only one of group B rotavirus that causes human diarrhea. The viral proteins were determined by SDS-PAGE of purified virions from infected feces as follows: VP1 (136K), VP2 (113K), VP3 (92K), VP4 (84K), VP5 (64K), VP6 (47K), VP7(41K). Western blot analysis was used to examine their immunological properties. The results showed that all structural polypeptides are antigenic, VP6 is most strongly one and contains a common group B anti- gen. The rtatio of the antibod...

The Viral Glycoprotein Ⅱ(G2),Nucleoprotein(NP)and Hemagglutinin(HA)Antigens in the Tissues of Cadavers due to the Death of Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome Analyzed by Monoclonal Antibodies with Immunocytochemical Methods

YANG Shou-Jing, LIU Pan-Fang, LIU Ying-Ying, YAN Pei-Song, XU Zhi-Kai, LIU Hou-Cai

1993, 8(3): 243

The viral antigens in 16 kinds of 10% formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues of 19 fatal cases due to the death of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) were detected and anslyzed by 15 clones of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) respectively against glycoprotein Ⅱ(G2), nucleocapsid (NP) and hemagglutinin (HA) antigens of HFRSV with the repeated PAP and repeated PAP com bined with ABC immunocytochemical methods developed in our Lab. The viral antigens, the soluble and granular, were demonstrated to be i...

Studies on DNA Homology between Two Nuclear Polyhedrosis Viruses from Attacus ricini Larvae

YAN Yin-Fang, LUO Jing

1993, 8(3): 257

Arscs NPV DNA and Ar NPV DNA purified by SDS-phenol method were digested by restriction endonucleases EcoRI and BamHI. Arscs NPV DNA resulted in 5,5 fragments and Ar NPA DNA result ed in 8,7 fragments respectively after analysis on agarose gel electrophoresis. Five of eight fragments of Ar NPV DNA digested by EcoRI could be hybridized with probe of Arscs NPV DNA labeled by ra- dioactive isotope ~(32)p,and six of seven fragments of Ar NPV DNA digested by BamH I could be hy- bridized with probe. Dot blot hybr...

Preliminary Research on Replicaiton of Papaya Ringspot Virus(PRV)in Papaya Protoplasts

CHEN Qi-Nan, ZHENG Guan-Biao, LIN Kong-Xun, FAN Fu-Zhong

1993, 8(3): 263

A concentration of 110~6 cells/ml of high viable protoplasts was obtained by using the following optimal concentrations for isolating papaya mesophyll cell protoplasts: 1.0% Macerozyme R-10, 1.5% cellulase Onozuka R-10 and 0.45 mol/L mannitol in the medium (pH5.5). The inoculation was successfully carried out by exposing 510~5 cells/ml of the protoplasts to the final mixture of 1 g/ml PRV-Ys (or Vb) strains and 1g/ml poly-L-orintine (MW200000). The preliminary results of the studies on behavior kinecti...

Study on Dasheen Mosaic Virus from Zentedeshia Aethiopica

CHEN Ji-Shuang, GAO Ji-Kang, LI De-Bao

1993, 8(3): 271

A filemental virus was detected from natural-infected Z. aethiopica showing mosaic and distortion symptoms in Hangzhou,Beijing and Shanghai. The average length of the virus paticles was 745nm and the most distribution was 720-750nm. The virus became strongly decorated with an antiserum of Dasheen mosaic virus (DMV) and decorated loosely with three different antisera of PVY by ISEM test. There were numerous virus particles aggregated as bundles and scattered in the cytoplasm in ultra- section of diseased lea...

Studies on Sesame Virus Diseases Ⅱ.Identification of the Pathogen of Sesame Yellow Mosaic Disease

YANG Shu-Jun, TU Zi-Lin, HU Ze-Yong

1993, 8(3): 277

Following the successful identification of sesame dwarf necrosis disease, this study focused on the identification of sesame yellow mosaic disease which widely spreaded all over the sesame-grown areas in China with general infecting rate of about 5%. The virus (YMo-I) infected sesame (Sesamum indicum) plant inducing symptoms of evenly chlorotic,yellowing mosaic or mottle of leaves with slight plant stunt. YMo-I could infect mechanically 12 plant species or cultivars of 4 families. Its local hosts were Cheno...

Study of Cucumber Mosaic Virus on Infection Source

LU Rui-Fang, LIU Yuan-Kai

1993, 8(3): 284

The tests proved cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) could be transmitted by cucumber seed with the rate of 0.20% in seed surface and embryo. Seven and twelve biennital or perennial weed species were infected by CMV through ELISA detection and the necrotic spot reaction. Among them,Seven newly discovered wild hosts were Cephalanoplos segetum,Ixeris hninensis,Crepis crocea,Artemisla annua, Po- tentilla chinensis,Geranium dahricum and persicaria bungeanum. The following five weed species of Xanthium japonicum. Leonur...

An Experimental Animal Model Study on Infection and Pathogensis of HCMV-AD_(169) Strain

GAO You-Xin, LIU Jian-Jun, YANG Tie-Qiu, TAO Hua-Jun, CENG Qiang-Bin, BANG Qian

1993, 8(3): 290

This paper is a study on the result of animal model with HCMV. Rabbits were inoculated with HCMV-AD_(169) strain. The duration of viremic stage of rabbits infected with HCMV was studied by means of immunoflourescent assays and reisolation of the virus. Specific flourescence for HCMV anti- gen was first observed in both monocytes and lymphocytes in the blood on 13th day,and released the virus to the plasma. It was indicated that HCMV was disseminated to rabbits body, thus caused target or- gans infection.

Isolation of Vaccinia Virus Recombinants Expressing Rabies Virus Glycoprotein by Lac Gene

LI Ping-Ping, CHEN Ai-Min, SHU Jia-Hong

1993, 8(3): 293

The expression plasmid pWS-4 containing Rabies virus glycoprotein gene was recombinaed with vaccinia viruses in the presence of Lipofectin~(TM) Reagent by homologous recombination technique in chicken embryonic cells. The Lac gene on the recombinant was used as a selected marker for isolation of TK recombinants with blue plaque on cells. Dot blot showed that the rabies virus glycoprotein gene was inserted into vaccinia genome. The recombinant was responsed specifically with McAb of rabies virus ERA strain b...

Studies on the Purification and Biochemical Properties of BaYMV

DIAO Xiao-Li, TUN Jian-Hua, HUANG Chun-Nong, WENG Cheng-Hua, GONG Jie-Xun

1993, 8(3): 296

The Barley Yellow Mosaic disease is an important crop disease spread in the suburbs of Shanghai and coastal arears in East China. A purification procedure of Shanghai isolate of BaYMV was developed using the combination method of organic solvent treatment,ultracentrifugation,sucrose and CsCl densi- ty gradient centrifugation. The isolate showed the existence of two peaks in particle-length distribution (300 nm and 600 nm). SDS-PAGE of purified virus preparation demonstrated one major band of 29kd. A minor b...