1988 Vol.03(2)



Advances in Research on Human Papilloma Viruses and Relationship between the Viruses and Cervical Cancer

QIU Su-Ying

1988, 3(2): 111

Studies of the Biological Properties of Rotaviruses

GUO Jin-Lin, WU Hui-Lian, HAN Wen-Qing, MENG Hong, ZHANG Feng-Zhu, LI De-Rong, HUANG Xiang-Rui, HUANG Zhi-Shang

1988, 3(2): 118

Some biological properties of three standard strains of rotavirus (Wa strains of human rotavirus, NCDV strain of bovine rotavirus and SA_(11) strain of monkey rotavirus) were studied. It has been found that cultural characteritics in MA_(104) cell are similar. The characteristic structures of these rotaviruses were revealed under electromicroscope, the RNA patterns had nomal regularity of 4, 2, 3, 2 electrophortic bands, and all of the phsical and chemical properties were in accordance with those reported i...

Purification and Characterization of HFRS Virus 50K Structural Protein

XU Zhi-Kai, HONG Mei-Xian, JIANG Chao-Zhun, MA Wen-Yu, WANG Hai-Chao

1988, 3(2): 124

A method has been developed to purify HFRS virus structural protein. HFRS virus was first purified roughly by protamine sulfate and polyethylene glycol precipitation from brain tissue of suckling mice infected with HFRS virus strain 76-118 or strain Chen, and the roughly purified virus was then passed to immunoadsorbent column prepared by Sepharose 4B coupled with McAb against HFRS virus. When the column was eluted with potassium thiocyanate a viral protein, it showed only one band on SDS-PAGE and its molec...

Analysis of Japanese Encephalitis Viral Structural Polypeptides by SDS-PAGE Silver Staining

ZHANG Xiang-Ming, ZHANG Guo-Ming, ZHAO Yan-Ping, SHU Yong-Xin

1988, 3(2): 131

Japanese encephalitis virus SA14 strain(JEV) precipitated by 9% PEG 6000 from cultural medium of C_3/36 cells has been purified by centrifugation through a 20% and 60% sucrose discontinuous gradient. The polypeptides of JEV-SA14 strain were analysed in a discontinuous SDS-PAGE silver staining system. Three structural polypeptides of JEV-SA14 strain with MW of 53,000(VP_3), 12,200(VP_2) and 9,200(VP_1) were identified respectively. These structural polypeptides presenting in the form of monomer were demonstr...

Experiment on the Oncogenicity of Cell Lines Transformed by Herpes Simplex Virus

CHEN Chen-Hua, ZENG Li, DONG Jie-De, SONG Yuan-Di, FAN Bo-Xun, CAO Zong-Li, CHOU Su-Ying, XU Xiu-Ping

1988, 3(2): 136

The capacity of three cell lines transformed by HSV-2 to induce tumours in nude mice was studied. The results indicate: (1) The transformed cell lines of the 29-30th passage were oncogenic in nude mice with 100% positive rate. The other lines of the 47th passage was also oncogenic with 66% positive rate. (2) The induced tumours grew very rapidly and metastasized to the drainig lymph nodes. (3) The tumours could be transplanted successfully from animal to animal. (4) Morphologically, the tumours were highly ...

Establishment of a Simple Plaque Assay Method for Rabies Virus

YAN Zi-Lin, LI Zheng-Ping, WANG Quan

1988, 3(2): 142

A simple plaque assay method for rabies virus has been studied and established. The CTN-2 rabies virus strain was used for testing and BHK-21 cell line was applied for virus growing. The BHK-21 cell suspension in wells of plastic plates were infected with rabies virus and kept in CO_2 34℃ for 8—9 days without adding overlays. Rabies virus plaques can be easily seen under microscope by staining the monolayer cells. The virus plaques could be inhibited by different neutralization values of anti-rabies sera, t...

Assay for HSV-Induced Deoxythymidine Kinase and Its Application to Antiviral Compound Study

TANG Hua, LIN Zhong-Yuan

1988, 3(2): 148

An assay for herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 induced deoxythymidine (dTK) was described by using ~(125)Ⅰ-UdR as substrate. The assay was also used for detecting the sensitivity of HSV-1 and HSV-2 induced dTK to DHPG. The result showed that sensitivity of viral dTK to DHPG was higher than HeLa cell-dTK s. In addition, we thought that toxicity of DHPG to host cells might be related to the low sensitivity of cell-dTK to DHPG.

An Experimental Study on Some Environmental Promoting Factors in Carcinogenesis Ⅰ. The Promoting Effects of Sapium sebiferum and Wisktroemia indica on HSV-2 Induced Cervical Cancer

SUN Yu, LI Xin-Zhi, WANG Zhi-Jie, ZHANG You-Xin, ZENG Yi

1988, 3(2): 153

In order to investigate the carcinogenic effects of Sapium sebiferum (SS) and Wisktroemia indica (WI), we used the animal model of HSV-2 induced cervical cancer on mouse. The mouse were divided into six groups and the cancer percentage of each group as follows: HSV-2+0.9%NaCl: 13.0%; HSV-2+SS: 40.0%; HSV-2+WI: 36.4%: HSV-2+corton oil: 55.0%; SS+0.9%CaCl: 7.7%; WI+0.9%NaCl: 0. Using X~2 test, it is indicated that the differences are statistically significant. Thus we suggest that Sapium sebiferum and Wisktro...

The tRNA-Iike Structure of the 3 End of Some Plant Viral RNAs

JIANG Bing-Kun, Alex van Belkum, Cornelis W.A.Pleij, Leendert Bosch

1988, 3(2): 157

The nucleotide sequences of 3 end region of some plant viral RNAs(KYMV, CYVV, OYMV, APLV, and EMV) are determined with direct chemical method by Peattie(1970). The possible secondary structures at 3 end of the RNAs have been presented on the basis of nucleotide sequences, which are folded according to the model of TYMV RNA(Rietveld et al, 1982). The tRNA-like structures at of the 3 terminus of RNA of KYMV, CYVV, OYMV, APLV and EMV are all in perfect agreement. The secondary structures for valinespecific tRN...

Proliferation of Cells and Virus with Microcarrier Suspension Culture System

XIAO Cheng-Zu, ZHANG Ling-An, KONG Wei-Wei, WANG Hong-Xia

1988, 3(2): 160

We have successfully cultured three cell lines BHK-13, BHK-21 and CHO-KI with MC-1 type microcarrier made in our Academy. When the microcarrier was in concentration of 5mg/ml, the cell density was about 30×10~4 cells/ml, all of them could proliferate to 1×10~6 cells/ml after 3-day suspension culture. At this time, inoculated VSV diluted 10 or 10~2 times, incubated at 37℃ for 20-24hs, the viral titer in these media were about 6 Log TCID_(50) or much higher. The yield of CHO-KI cell was the highest. Its titre...

Study of Cytopathic Effects and Reproduction of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Virus(EHFV) in Human Lymphocyte Cell Line

SHEN Hong-Kai, YAO Gai-Xin

1988, 3(2): 173

A human lymphocyte cell line was inoculated with Chen, L99, and SR11 strains of EHF virus respectively. Cytopathic effects(CPE) were observed for 5—7 days after inoculation. First of all, the cells granulated and rounded up, then cell degeneration occured rapidly. The clustered and clumed cells still adhered cn the glass surface without forming syncytium. Some 48—72 hours after the CPE appeared, the cells fell off completely from the glass surface. Specific immunoflorescent particles were examined in the cy...

Inhibition of HSV-2 Replication in Vero Cells by Spleen and Lymphode Cells of Mice Infected with HSV-2 and Treated with Interfrons

MAN Yan-Gao

1988, 3(2): 177

In order to determine whether IFN treatment could make the cellular immune system more effective to against HSV-2 infection and develop a simple techniqe to quantitate the spread of HSV-2 infection in vitro, C57BL/6J mice were infected intravaginally with HSV-2 and treated witha recombinant mouse α/β or r interferon. 3 and 7 days after virus infection, the spleen and lymphnode of mice were aseptically removed. A single cell suspension was prepared and added onto the HSV-2 infected vero monolayers at a vario...

Studies of Electron Microscopy on the Virus Particles and the Inclusion-bodies by Ultrathin Sections for the Detection of Turnip Mosaic Virus

WEI Shi-Quan, GUO Ji-Xiang, ZHANG Ha-Yu

1988, 3(2): 191

We have collected an isolate of turnip mosaic virus which infected Chincse cabbage(Brassica pekinensis) and radish(Raphanus sativus), and the isolate was identified by the plant virus researching group in Shenyang Agri. Univ. The pure isolate was propagated in netted green house in the University. The experimental host was Chinese cabbage(Xiao pei kuo) and radish(Longshaped white radish), and was inoculated by hand with the isolate and was used for specimens about three weeks later. For the electron microsc...

Inhibition of Novobiocin, Coumermycin A, Oxolinic Acid, Nalidixic Acid, Ethidium Bromide and ATP Analogue on the Packaging of Φ29 DNA in Vitro

GUO Pei-Xuan

1988, 3(2): 198

Novobiocin, Coumermycin A, Oxolinic acid, Nalidixic acid, ethidium bromide and ATP analogue γ-S-ATP inhibited the DNA packaging of bacteriophage Φ29 in vitro. Besides ATP analogue, the concentration of the chemicals for 50% inhibition were 5, 90, 167, 380 and 1.3μg per ml, respectively. The intermediates of DNA packaging accumulated when the ATP analogue was added to the defined in vitro DNA packaging system, indicating that ATP was required for the entire process of DNA translocation. This finding provides...

The Arrangment of Capsomers in an Icosahedral Capsid and Its Mathematical Calculation


1988, 3(2): 206

Capsomer is a morphological subunit of virus. It was regularly arranged in an icosahedral capsid. The numbers of capsomers(N) are defined by the triangulation numbers(T). N=10T+2, T=pf~2, p=h~2+hk+k~2, where f is an integer and p is the class number, h and K are any pairs of integers without common factors. If h, k and f are known, N can be calculated.

Early Diagnosis of EHF by RPHA

CHEN Jing-Fang, LI Fa-Qing, TANG Jia-Qi, LI Xian-Fu, TAN Wei-Guo

1988, 3(2): 212

Radiolabeling of HFRSV in Infected Cells

JIANG Zi-Sheng, CHEN Zhang-Lin, PENG Min, YI Xiang-Min, DAI Zhi-Fang, LIU Gong-Mei, LIU Pei-Qin, CHEN Rui-Qi, WAN Qiu-Hua

1988, 3(2): 216

Observations of the Symptom and Tissue Pathology of Erannis ankeraria Staudinger Nuclear Polyhedrosis and the Shape of the Virus

SUN Shi-Ying, LV Ze-Xun, HUANG Guan-Hui, DAI Ru-Yi, GAO Yan-Ting

1988, 3(2): 221

Non-Pathogenic Long-Term Infection of Reticuloendotheliosis Virus in Chicken Embryo Fibroblasts

CUI Zhi-Zhong, L.F.Lee

1988, 3(2): 226