1989 Vol.04(2)



Pathogenesis-related Proteins(PRs) and the Induced Resistance of Plant

XU Ren-Lin

1989, 4(2): 121

The Outline of Study and Application for Bacteriophage in Recent Years

LUO Cheng

1989, 4(2): 129

Analysis of Poliovirus Antigenic Epitopes by Immunofluorescence Activated McAbs

TANG En-Hua, PENG Dun-Yang, WANG Li-Yan, LIU Ming-Ying, WEN Yu-Ling, RUAN Yong-Liang, XIE Tian-Hong, GUO Ren

1989, 4(2): 135

12 McAbs to several strains of poliovirus Type 2 and 3 were selected by IF and NT, 9 McAbs had both neutralizing and immunofluorescence activity,3 McAbs were uniquely with IF staining activity. All the 12 McAbs with immunofluorescence activity reacted with poliovirus Type 2 and 3(F-McAbs) and were found similar to neutranizing McAbs (N-McAbs) recognizing different spesific antigenic epitopes on infected cells. According to topological relationships of antigenic epitopes, it was possible to characterize the ...

Human Cytomegalovirus Infection in Patients with Haematological Disorders

ZHAO Cheng-Quan, SHAO Ji-Jun, LI Yu-Xiang, LUN Li-Min

1989, 4(2): 142

Serum cytomegalovirus(HCMV) IgM, IgA antibodies were detected in 179 newly diagnosed patients with haematological disorders by ELISA. The positive rates of HCMV-IgM, HCMV-IgA were 11.17% and 11.73% respectively, much higher than that of comparative group. The results showed that the patients with haematological disorders were susceptible to HCMV active infection due to the low immunological function.

Significance of Koilocyte in the Diagnosis of Human Papillomavirus Infection of Cervix

MENG Xiang-Jin, SUN Yu, ZHANG Wei-Xin, LI Xin-Zhi, LIU Zhi-Hui, CHEN Min-Hui, LI Hun, HAN Ri-Cai, SI Jing-Yi, CENG Wei-Kun, HU Lun-Ying

1989, 4(2): 146

The morphology of koilocyte was observed by light and electronic microscopes, a series of clinical cervical lesions were studied in the presence of human papilloma virus (HPV)DNA and antigens by molecular hybridization and PAP staining method. Having analysed the correlation of the detection of HPV DNA and antigens with the occurence of koilocyte, we found that the detection of HPV DNA and antigens was relative lower in the positive cases of koilocyte, and some lesions with koilocyte can also be used to det...

Study on Rotavirus Involving in Acute Infantile Gastroenteritis in Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province

CHEN Yuan-Ding, ZHANG Hui-Fen, SUN Mao-Cheng, DING Xue-Feng, DAI Guo-Zhen, MO Xin-Bang, WANG Li-Chun, LI Jia-Xi, SU Ye, GUO Ren, CHEN Xiao-Xian

1989, 4(2): 153

This paper presents the research results of rotavirus(RV)in group A and adenovirus(ADV)in fecal specimens collected from infants with acute gastroenteritis in Zhaotong, Yunnan from October 1982 to December 1985.By means of PAGE, EM and ELISA, 309 fecal specimens of 139 cases were detected with rotavirus, the positive rate was 54.7%. There is no siguificant difference in positive rate of rotavirus between two sexes. Positive rate in>6—24 month age group (59.1%) is much higher that in that of≤6 month (33.3...

Researches on Pre-S Proteins of Hepatitis B Virus Ⅵ. Binding of Pre-S Proteins with Human Serum Albumin

HU Ke-Qin, YU Zhi-Qun, ZHANG Yong-Yuan, LI Fang-He, HAO Lian-Jie

1989, 4(2): 159

40 serum samples were used to study the relation of Pre-S_1 and pre-S_2 proteins to polymerized human serum albumin receptor (PHSAR). Our results suggested that pre-S_2 may be the main binding site for PHSA, but pre-S_1 may also possess the activity to bind PHSA. Pre-S_1, pre-S_2 and PHSAR may be blocked in vitro by pretreatment with PHSA and the negative correlation between the blocking rate and the dilution of PHSA was seen. We also showed that the complexes of HBV envelop protein-human serum albumin may ...

Method for Preparation of Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome Virus (HFRSV) Antigens by Treatment Infected Mouse Brains and Lungs with Tween-ether

TANG Jia-Qi, LI Xian-Fu

1989, 4(2): 164

We first utilized infected mouse brains and lungs to prepare HFRSV specific antigens by treatment with Tween 80-ether. This procedure was very economical and easy. The T-E antigens was a more sensitive, uniform reagent for the RPHI or ELISA and non-multiplication. It also showed an increased thermal stablity at different temperatures and could be stored for more than one year at and below 4℃ without loss of antigenic activity.

A Study on Law of Viral Survival and Adsorption in Water

LI Xiao-Feng, ZHANG Chu-Yu, WANG Zu-Qing

1989, 4(2): 168

We detected viruses in environmental sludge and found that the virus content of sludge was higher than that of water. We simulated natural environment in laboratory to study the distribution and survival of poliovirus 1 in water and in sludge. The results showed that in comparison with water the sludge protected the viruses.

Preparation of Monoclonal Antibodies to Papaya Ringspot Virus and Application in Serotyping

LIN Bi-Run, LI Ying-Jie, OU Yang-Ming-Hui, FAN Huai-Zhong

1989, 4(2): 172

Three stable hybridoma cell lines secreting monoclonal antibodies against papaya ringspot virus were produced by fusing spleen cells of mice immunized with papaya ringspot virus(PRV-1) to mouse myeloma cell lines Sp2/0-Ag14. of three hybridoma cell lines, the titer of 23H1 secreting monoclonal antibody was found to be the highest, when testing by ELISA method, the titer of 23H1 inascitie fluid was 1:76800. Three cell lines secreting monoclonal antibodies were specific for papaya ringspot virus, not reactive...

Study on the Pathogen of a Wheat Soil-borne Virus Disease in China

CHEN Jian-Ping, RUAN Xi-Li, DONG Ma-Jia

1989, 4(2): 176

A soil-borne virus disease on wheat occured in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Sichuan provinces in China was transmitted by Polymyxa graminis, and its only known host is wheat (Triticum aestivum), most wheat cultivars can be infected by growing in infective soil with chlorotic to necrosis spindle shaped streak in the leaves. Studies on virus isolates from different disesed areas showed that virus particles is filamentous, with measurements ranging from 200—1800×13—14 nm, mostly 350—850×13—14 nm, in leaf-dip or purif...

The Influence of Plasmid N3 on λ Phage Deveiopment Pathway

XU Hua, BO Qiang, DIAO Xu-Mei, ZHANG Yong-Di

1989, 4(2): 182

Plasmid N_3 inhibits inductive development in λ lysogen. It makes λ yield lower 10~(-5)—10~(-6) times than that of the contiol. Plasmid N_3 inhibits λ lysogenic development pathway on λ infection. Tire inhibition mechanism of λ development by plasmid N_3 is supposed that the polymerization and depolymerization of λ cI proteins is blocked by the interaction between λ cI protein and plasmid N_3 (probably, plasmid N_3 protein(S)).

Study on the Morphology and Structure of the Virion of the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus(RHDV)

YANG Xue-Lou, SUN Song-Bai, WANG Han-Zhong, LUO Jing, HUANG Wen-Lin, WU Xi-Ying, LIU Hong, WANG Xue-Lan

1989, 4(2): 188

In this paper some properties of the original strain of the RHDV-A_3R-3 (separated from Wu Xi, China 1984) was reported. The purified virions was stained with 2% PTA and examined by electromicroscopic observation. The results revealed that the virus particles have nonenveloped capsidand exhibited icosahedral symmetry. The full viral particles have 33—37nm in diameter. The capsomer is seen to be tubelike structures with 5—6nm in length and 2—3nm in diameter of central holes. The face of the trianglation of t...

Antigenic Relationship Between Porcine Spleen Cell Interferon and Human Leucocyte Interferon

HUANG Wen-Lin, YANG Xue-Lou, LIU Hong, LUO Jing, SUN Song-Bai, WANG Han-Zhong, TUN Xi-Ying

1989, 4(2): 193

The antigenic relationship between interferon prepared in porcine spleen cells (PS) and human interferon was investigated. The result showed that the PsIFN can be neutralized not only by anti-HuIFN-α sera but also by anti-HuIFN-γ, sera, the ability of neutralization of anti-HuIFN-α was higher than that of anti-HuIFN-γ sera. The antiviral activities of the porcine spleen cell interferon can be expressed on both homologous species cells and heterologous species cells. The porcine spleen cell interferon was su...

Experimental Research and Application of Polyacrylamide Gel Debris Absorption and Elution Method for Virus Concentration

CHANG Da-Zhuang, WANG Yong-Xiang, WANG Yu-Kun, GU Bao-Liang

1989, 4(2): 199

This paper reports the results of experimental research and application of polyacrylamide gel(PAG) debris absorption and elution method for Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) and Human Rotavirus(HRV) concentration. By treating once and twice with PAG, the volume of diluted NDV infected allantoic fluids was concentrated about 12.1 and 90.2 folds respectively, and the HA titer of the virus was increased correspondingly. It was shown that the positive dilution titer of RNA electrophoretype detected in HRV faecal ex...

Effect Observation of Treatment with Human Leucocyte Interferon in Herpes Zoster

HU Wei-Ping, Zhang Jing-Fang, ZHOU Zhong-Fu

1989, 4(2): 205

This paper reports on the observation of treatment with interferon in 33 cases with herpes zoster caused by varicella-zoster virus, the patients with age range from 40 to 78 (over sixty years old was 50 percent) divided into treatmeat group with interferon and control group, Through treatment our finding that the effects in disappearance of pain, heal of herpes and shortening course of disease in interferon group is superior to the effects in control group. We also discussed that antiviral theory of interfe...

Cytomegalovirus Neutral Red Plaque Assay And High Titer Virus Preparation

LIN Xiang-Dong, Ge-Chi-Hua, Tu-Chuan-Lin, HU Xin-Mei, ZHANG Hui-Xing, GAO Li, ZHOU Gong

1989, 4(2): 208

A neutral red plaque assay was established for the quantitation of infections cytomegalovirus(CMV), The plaque counts linearly correlated to the virus dilutions, indicating the accuracy of this method. Using of the conventional reagents and instruments and quicker results (8 days)may facilitate the application of the assay, With this assay, it was found that rotating culture of CMV-infected cells could easily produce infectious CMV titer as high as 1.8×10~7 PFU/ml, when the culture medium supernatant was co...

Isolation and Identification of a Virus Infecting Primula obconica

ZHOU Lv-Qian, XUE Cui-Feng, JIA Xiu-Qin, CHEN Chi-Chi, SUN Fu-Lin, LI Chang-Zhi

1989, 4(2): 212

A sphere-shaped virus has been found from the diseased plant of primula. Fifteen species plants of seven families were infected, but other three of two families tested were not.The virus purified by PEG(M.W.6000)precipitation and differential centrifugation is found to have a diameter of the isometric particle with 28—32 nm by UV absorption spectrum scanning, the value of A_(260)/A_(280) is 1.70.On the hasis of the symptomes in different host plants, morphological structure of the virions, serological test,...

Cell Fusion by Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Virus

LIU Hai-Lin

1989, 4(2): 216

The results of our experimental research indicated that epidemic hemorrhagic feve virus (EHFV) couses cell to cell fusion under acidic conditions. Maximum fusions was obtained at pH5.0—6.0. The EHFV-infeeted cell was covered with medium overlaid by methylcellulose and thenthe cell culture developed the fusion foci. A linear relationship was observed between the relative virus concentration and the number of fusion foci. The result indicated that the titration of EHFV infectivity could be done by counting th...