1997 Vol.12(4)



Research on Gene Structure and Vaccines of HIV

JIN Ning-Yi

1997, 12(4): 258

Cell M embrane Receptor of Viruses

GUO Ai-Zhen, LIU Cheng-Beng

1997, 12(4): 295

Research Advances on Prion


1997, 12(4): 302

Pathogenicity of Herpes Sim plex Virus on Mice

LUO Jun, LIU Zhen-An, YANG Tie-Qiu, XIAO Gong, WEN Li

1997, 12(4): 309

The pathogenicity of herpes simplex virus(HSV)in mice宙as observed.The mice appears syndrome and sign afterinoculation 4 days HSV could beisolatedinthe blood on 2hours po$tin fection.The isolation rate of HSV and levd of viremia were increased on 48 hours postirfection. distributions of HgV wel'e differem in virious tissues.The HSV titers in brain and seusory ganglion reached the p目_k on 72 hours postinfection,but in heart and liver on 5 days.Above re sults showed that the patho geniclty model of HSV can be used to search antiHSV agents.

Expression of Hantaan Virus Envelope Glyeoproteins Gl and G2 in E .coli

HUANG Chang-Xing, YANG Wei-Song, HANG Chang-Shou, BAI Xue-Fan, LI Guang-Yu

1997, 12(4): 313

Tlle expression vector plasmid pBV220 was used tO expre~ ,the envelope曹lycuproteins,G1 andG2 ofFtantsall~vil-uJ5inE.co/i.First,the codingframegenesofG1 andG2werem plifiedby PCR,and doned into the PCR product cloning Tvector,then they;were cut f u蜕|唱 抟s韵曲蛹n endonudeases from the T~vector cloning plasmids.Last.the expression pl of G1^ G2 were constixtcted llgatingthe oondingframesofG1 andG2with眈 曲iDn豫呲 蛐.The expressed proteins could not be seen on SDSPAGE ge1.Tbey coutd he reacted with part of mono clonal antibodies against Hantaan virus G1 and G2.but not he t墨ted in We|tem ,bI卧.Mice were immunized with expressed Gl and G2.an tibody ag ainst Han ~ n V~t/S。0uld he ~sted in the sera of the immunized mice.the IFA(Indirect 1:160 and l:320,respectively. Assay)antibody titers were l

Expression of Hantaan Virus Envelope Glycoproteins G1 and G2 in E .coli with Differential Expression Vector

HUANG Chang-Xing, YANG Wei-Song, HANG Chang-Shou, BAI Xue-Fan, LI Guang-Yu

1997, 12(4): 322

For increasing the expression level of Hantaan vitus envelope glycoproteins GI and G2 in E.coli, the expression vector pKK223-3 and pGEX-4T -1 were used for constructingGl and G1 expression plasmids, pGEX-4T-l was a fusion-protein expression vector phsmid.The results showed that the expression levels of hantaan virus envelope glycoproteins G1 a nd G2 w ith differential expression vector plasmids were riot ohvions different.The exprssion levels of the portion of GI andG2 proteinswere about the same with the complete G1 and G2.

Cloning, Sequencing and Expressing of HCV NS 4 Gene in E. coli

CHEN Zhuang, DU Yong, BO Wen-Sheng, WANG Xue, WANG Hai-Tao

1997, 12(4): 329

NS 4 gene of hepatitis C virus was amplified by RT - PCR using RNA template isolated from anti - HCV positive serum of a blood donor from Hebei province in China. The amplified fragmint (abeut 900bp)was cloned into plasmid pET17Xb and the recombinant plasmid was des-ignated pETNS 4. SDS - PAGE analyses showed that a 65 ari fused protien was expressed in E.coli BL21 (DE3 ) harboring pETNS 4 and the expression level of the protien was 24 %. The cDNA fragment of insert of pETNS 4 was sequenced with the dideoxy...

Fusion of HBV e Gene with Green Fluorescent Protein Gene and Its Expression in E. coli Cells

YUE Li-Li, JI Xi-Peng, DENG Yan-Hui, LV Li-Qun, DENG Xiao-Zhao

1997, 12(4): 336

The bifunction fusion protein of hepatitis B virus e antigen and mutant green fluorescent protein was expressed in E. coli BL21 strain. The fusion protein was separated and its anti-genecity was determined by ELISA kit for HBe, meanwhile the intensity of its luminescence could be observed. The approach in which the antigen was tagged by equal molecular GFP allows using the bi-function fusion protein to establish a new method for immunogical diagnosis.

The Preventive and Curative Effects of Astragalus membranaceus Bungo A6 on the Mice Infected with Influenza Virus

ZUO Li, CHEN Li, TANG Xiao-Min, GUO Hui-Yu

1997, 12(4): 342

The preventive and curative effects of Astragalus membranaceus Bungo A6 on the mice in-fected with influenza virus FM1 strain were studied. The results showed that the gruffs concentra-tion of Astragalus membranaceus Bungo was the range of 1250~ 5000 mg/kg. d×5. The preven-tive and curative effects of the A6 constituent on the BALB/C mice infected with 100 LD50 or 100 ID50 FM1 were very obvious. The mortality and the mean survial days of the infected infantile mice were reduced and prolonged. The lung humid...

Nucleotide Sequence Analysis of the Polyhedrin Gene of Heliothis armigera Single Nucleocapsid Nucleopolyhedrovirus

CHEN Xin-Wen, HU Zhi-Hong, JustM.Vlak

1997, 12(4): 346

The polyhedrin gene of the Heliothis armigera single nucleocapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus (HaSNPV) was localized by Southern blot hybridization with a probe from the Autographa cali-fornica MNPV (AcMNPV) polyhedrin gene. Nucleotide sequencing showed the open reading frame of the HaSNPV polyhedrin gene was 738 nt, encoded 246 amino acids with a predicted size of 29 kDa. Alignment with polyhedrin sequences in GENE Band indicated the highest homology with the polyhedrin gene of H. zea SNPV(HzSNPV). There were fou...

Sequence Analysis and Comparison of gp55 antigen encoding region of Hog Cholera Virus isolates of Changchun and Jilin

LI Hong-Wei, TU Chang-Chun, LV Zong-Ji, JIN Kuo-Shi, YAN Shen

1997, 12(4): 354

One pair of oligonucleotide primers were designed to amplify the region of hog cholera virus (HCV)genome, which corresponds to a 588 bp portion encoding the major protective antigen re-gion, a part of gp55 protein. The product was amplified from two virus isolates (strains CC and JL)which had been responsible for two hog cholera outbreaks in Jilin province in the northeast of China. The cDNA products were cloned into pGEM - T vector. Nucleotide sequencing was per-formed by Sanger s method. A part of the obt...

Infection of Spherical Viruses from Haliotis discus hannai Ino

WANG Bin, LI Xia, GAO Chuan-Zhou

1997, 12(4): 360

The spherical virion with the size of 90~ 140 nm in diameter was detected in blood cell ma-trix of the feet, mantle and internal organization of diseased abalone. The virion was surrounded by dual unit membrane, no inclusion body. The morphology and size of virion in negative staining were the same as the observation in ultrathin sections. Identical symptom appeared in artificial in-fection experiment. The rate of death was 50%. Identical virion was observed in the dead abalone

Observation and Analysis of Histo-and Cyto-pathological Changes of Diseased Shrimp with Light and Electron Microscopy

HUANG Can-Hua, ZHANG Jian-Gong, GAO Wei, SHI Zheng-Li

1997, 12(4): 364

With light and electron microscopy techniques, the pathological changes of seven tissues of Panaeid chinensis were studied. The major pathological changes mainly took place in the tissues of digestive system: hepatopancreas, midgut and stomach etc. Under light microscope, it was found that the epithelia of inner digestive tract were widely damaged, most epithelial cells were necrotic or vaculated.While under electron microscope, apparent pathoogical changes of main organelles could be observed in diseased s...

The Establishment and Application of Immunofluorescence Assay for Detection of Antibodies to HIV-1

Li-Jing-Yun, WANG Hong-Xia, BAO Zuo-Xi

1997, 12(4): 371

Using the mixture of HIV -1 infected and no - infected HeLa CD4+ cells, the antigen slides were prepared and the immunofluorescence assay for detection of antibodies to human immunode-ficiency virus type 1 was established. Seventy - seven serum samples including the national stan-dard reference of HIV antibody reagents were tested. The sensitivity and specificity were 96. 4 %and 100%, respectively. Compared with the confirmation test of Western Blot, the coincident rate was 92. 6 %. The results indicated th...