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The citations for Virologica Sinica in the article body are adhered to author-year system. Reference list is ordered alphabetically as the first author’s family name. The Endnote style of Virologica Sinica can be downloaded here.

How to add “Virologica.ens” into EndNote
1. To add Virologica style into you EndNote style library. 
Please open "program files" (usually in C Disk) -> open "EndNote" folder -> open "Styles" folder ->leave "Virologica.ens" in the folder. 
2. To format inserted references using Virologica Sinica style in Microsoft Word.
Please open “Bibliography” -> select “Format Bibliography” -> at “with output”, using “browse” to find “Virologica”, and click “OK” -> ready to format.
3. An example of VS reference style:
Gai WW, Zhang Y, Zhou DH, Chen YQ, Yang JY, Yan HM (2011) PIKA provides an adjuvant effect to induce strong mucosal and systemic humoral immunity against SARS-CoV. Virol Sin 26:81–94.
The reference information appears as (Gai et al., 2011) in the article body.

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