1991 Vol.06(4)



Identification of the Morphological Transforming Regions of Human Cytomegalovirus

Leonard J Rosenthal, Shang Shi-zhang, Anita Inamdar

1991, 6(4): 281

DNA of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) contains three transforming fragments, which have been mapped in the long unique region of the viral genome(see Fig.1). A minimal region of 558 base pairs(bp) (pCM4127) was localized in the XbaI-Hindlll fragment of HCMV strain AD169 (mapunit 0.123—0.140)and designated morphological transforming region Ⅰ (mtrⅠ). MtrⅠwas reported to cause one-step focal transformation of primary Wistar

Advances in the Research of Mushroom Virus

CHEN Wei-Li, XU Shan-Qian

1991, 6(4): 291

Susceptibilty and Pathogenesis Study of Tupaia Belanger Yunalis to Experimental Infection with Russian Spring-Summer Encephalitis Virus

HOU Zong-Liu, ZI De-Yun, HUANG Wen-Li, BAO Ming-Hui

1991, 6(4): 298

Chinese tupaia belangeri yunalises were infected with Russian spring summer encephalitis viruses (Dongbai, YH, T57 strains) by intracerebral, intraperitoneal and subcataneous route. All tupaia belangeri yunalies had viremia and lasted for 7—9 days. Immune response depended on pathogen which light pathological change induced good immune response HI antibody, neutralizing antibody and CF antibody were checked out on 5th, 7th and 13thday, respectively. The growth of both HI antibody and neutralizing antibody w...

Detection of Human Papillomavirus DNA from Epithelial Lessions of Vulvar Dystrophies by lsotope-labelled DNA Probes

ZHANG Li-Ning, ZHOU Li-Hua, GAI Qi-Wei, LIU Xiao-Ming, GAO Tian-Xiang

1991, 6(4): 304

Vulvar biopsy specimens from nine patients with vulvar dystrophy were examined for the presence of human papillomavirus DNA by Southern blot hybridization. The results showed that two of eight hypcrplastic dystrophies contained HPV 16 homologous sequence, one contained HPV 33 homologous sequence and three cases were positive for HPV relative sequence HPV relative sequence was also detected in one case with mixed dystrophy. So total proportion of HPV in the nine vulvar specimens was seventy seven percent, Th...

The Production of ldiotypic Antibody against EHFV and Immunoreaction of Anti-EHFV Induced by the Idotypic Antibody in Mouse

LI Chuan-Jiang, LIN Jiao, WANG Mao-Liang

1991, 6(4): 309

In this papar, the preparation of menoclonal antibodies using epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus J10 strain and anti-EHFV McAb antibody (idiotypic antibedy, Ab2)prcduced by rabbt immunized with 7 clones of McAb are described In vitro, Ab2 was able to combine specifically with serum of recovering patients with EHF and serum of rabbit immunized by EHFV. Ab2 separated and purified by means of affinity chromatography was used to immunize Balb/c mice. The immunized serum (Ab3) was determined by immunoflouresence a...

Efficacy of Inactivated EHF Vaccine Used in Clinical Trial

ZHU Zhi-Yong, ZENG Rong-Fang, SHU Yong-Xin

1991, 6(4): 315

The inactivated EHF vaccine was used inclinincal trial with 75 volunteers. There was not any side effects. It showed that abaut 90% seroconversion rate of neutraliztion antibody occurred. The vaccine stored for 14 months in 4℃ still had better immunogenicity. It was shown for the second time that the vaccine was safe, affeetive and very stable. The immunization procedure of 3×1ml during 28 days and of 3×1ml during 60 days showed no significant difference.

Detection of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Virus (Hantanvirus) RNA Genome with Biotin-Labeled Probe by Dot Hybridization

YANG Tie-Qiu, LI Zhi-Hong, YANG Beng, LIU Wei-Qian, DIAO Wen-Xian, LI De-Xin, HANG Chang-Shou

1991, 6(4): 320

Dot hybridization assay was developed to detect epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus(EHFV)RNA genome using probe which biotin-7-dATP labeled R-3 cDNA clone of M fragement of EHFV R-22 strain. This probe was used to detect RNA genome of the human original EHFV H-114 and H-435 strains in cell cultures. The positive hybridization signal was obtained from cells infected EHFV H-114 and H-435 strains, 5 pg cDNA or RNA could be obtained This probe do not react with DNA of cells infected herpes simplex virus and cytome...

Detection of HIV-1 DNA by PCR

SONG Hai-Feng, GUO Li-Li, SUN Zhong-He, ZHU Guan-Fu

1991, 6(4): 324

A single pair of oligonucleotide primers within the envelope gene of HIV1(primer 1: 5 -AGCAGCAGGAAGCACTATGGGC-3 ; primer 2: 5 -CCAGACTGAGTTGCAACA-3 ), 142bp apart, were synthesized and used to amplify a specific fragment of the HIV-1 DNA in infected cell cultures(MT4 HIV 1), and in plasmid pⅢexE7 carrying HIV-1 envelope gene by means of polymerase chain reaction(PCR). Amplified product was identified as 142bp fragment by agrose electrophoresis and cut into a 50bp and a 92bp fragment with restriction endonuc...

Analysis of the Variations of Genomic RNA Patterns of Rotavirus

ZHANG Jian-Qiong, MENG Ji-Hong, LIN Ling

1991, 6(4): 329

Using PAGE method, we analysed genomic RNA patterns of several standard strains of rotavirus including Wa, Ito, Yo Hochi, ST, SA-11 and UK strains, and the epidemic strains of rotavirus which caused infant diarrhoea in Nanjing in October to December 1989. It was interesting that the electrophoretic model of Wa strain had changed from 4:2:3:2 to 4:3:3:2, and then to 4:3:4:2 after it was cultured on MA104 or CV-1 cells for several passages. Three variants were cloned by the plaque assay from the "Wa" strain w...

Study on infection of Ostrinia furnacalis with Some Insect Viruses

HUANG Guan-Hui, WANG Wei-Guo, LIU Yu-Hua, ZHANG Ceng-Yan, LI Hui-Yu

1991, 6(4): 335

The larvae of Ostrinia furnacalis are susceptible to the infection with the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of Plusia agnata(PaNPV), the Antheraea pernyi NPV (ApNPV)and the cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus of Dendrolimus spectabilis(DsCPV). The ID_50 for the 1st instar larvae infected with DsCPV is 5.9×10~5PIB/ml diet. The DsCPV infection has a significant effect on larvae development, pupal weight, emergence percentage and adult longevity. While the DsCPV is propagating with the larvae of Ostrinia furnacalis, the...

Plaque Assay of Buzura suppressaria Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus

HU Zhi-Gong, XIE Tian-En

1991, 6(4): 340

The plaque assay was carried out for Buzura suppressaria nuclear polyhedrosis virus (BsNPV) using cell line Bs-484. Results showed that the sensitivity of this plaque assay method was similar to that of TCID_(50) method.

Studies on the Antisera to Narcissus Viruses

XIE Lian-Hui, ZHENG Xiang-Xiang, LIN Qi-Ying

1991, 6(4): 344

Narcissus mosaic virus(NMV) was obtained from the mixed infected narcissus plants and purified from the inoculated leaves of Chenopodium amarnticolor. The procedures of purification involved precipitation with 6% PEG ( M. W. 6000 ), differential centrifugation and 20—50% sucrose density-gradient centrifugation. After 6 times of immune injection to rabbit with the purified preparation of NMV, an antiserum was prepared with a titre of 1:5000 tested by precipitation reactions in capillary pipettes about 4 week...

Preparation of Monoclonal Antibodies to Potato Leafroll Virus

GUO Su-Hua, ZHOU Lan, MENG Qing, ZHANG He-Ling

1991, 6(4): 350

The hybridoma cell lines secreting monoclonal antibodies to Potato Leafroll Virus (PLRV) were established by fusion of myeloma cells SP2/0 with spleen cells of BALB/C mouse immunized with purified PLRV by direct spleen injection followed by two tail injections. The hybridoma were screened byDot-ELISA and indirect haemagglutination test. The subclasses of monoclonal antibodies obtaied belong to IgG 2a with light chain examined by microslide gel double diffusion test. The ascitic fluid with high titer of mono...

Detection of Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus Using F(ab )_2 -ELISA

CHEN Jian-Ping, RUAN Yi-Li

1991, 6(4): 356

Barley yellow mosaic virus(BaYMV) was routinely detected and diagnosed by the F(ab )_2 indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assaya F(ab )_2-ELISA in which (1) virus in ELISA buffer was trapped by F(ab )_2 fragments of speeifie IgG diluted in 1000 to 4000 with 0.05mol/L sodium carbonate coating buffer pH9.6 on microtiter plate, (2)trapped virus was detected by intact IgG diluted 1in 1000 with ELISA buffer, (3) positive reaction was identified using protein diluted A alkalinephosphatase diluted 1 in 1000 to 2...

Study on the Purification Techniques for Strawberry Pseudo-Mild Yellow Edge Virus

WU Yuan-Hua, WUI Shi-Quan

1991, 6(4): 365

The isolated strawberry pseudo-mild yellow edge virus(SPMYEV)was maintained in the strawberry-Fragaria vesca L.var. UC-4, and was successfully extracted and purified through homogenization by polyethyleneglycol (PEG) precipitation, differential centrifugation in the sucrose cushion and continuous suerose density gradient centrifugation. The purified preparations cotained flexous rod-shaped virus particles mainly 650nm in length and 12—13nm in width. The virus showed a typitical UV spectrum of nueleoprotein ...

Study on Infecting Other Fishes with Grass Carp Hemorrhage Virus

DING Qing-Quan, TU Lan-Fen, KE Li-Hua, CAI Yi-Quan

1991, 6(4): 371

Eight common fishes were infected with grass carp hemorrhage virus (GCHV)that was from sick grass carp with hemorrhage symptom. ELISA detection showed that artificially infected black carp, silver carp and Hemiculter bleekeri blcckeri were positive, and then carp, variegated carp, triangular bream, loach and Megalobrama amblyoephala were negative against GCHV antibody.

Isolation and Identification of Darna Trima Granulosis Virus

YANG Zhi-Rong, LIU Shi-Gui, WU Tie-Qiao, WU Yu

1991, 6(4): 374

Darna trima belongs to Lepidoptera Limacodidae. It harms several kinds of fruit trees and woods. We isolated akind of pathogeny from many naturally dead young insects of Darna trima in tea garden of Gong County of Sichuan in 1985. After purification, by its infection test, shape observation in electron microscope and ultrastructural obscrvation, the results show that the pathogeny of Darna trima is a kind of granulosis virus.

Isolation and Identification of Trabala vishnou Lefebure Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (TvNPV)

YANG Zhi-Rong, LIU Shi-Gui, WU Tie-Qiao, SHI Lin

1991, 6(4): 376

Trabala vishnou Lefebure belongs to Tortricidae. They are harmful to more than 10 kinds of fruit trees, woods, and flowers. We isolated and purified a kind of pathogen from naturally dead larvae of Trabala vishnou Lefebure in Siehuan University in 1989. Through infection test, dyeing observation, shape observation in electron microscope ultrastructural and pathological study, the results show that the pathogen of Trabala vishnou Lefebure is a kind of Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus.

Isolation and Identification of Paroceneria orient Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus

CHEN Xin-Wen, BANG Hui-Yin, WANG Gen, JIN Feng, XIE Tian-En, GUO Heng-Xiao, ZHOU Jian-Hua

1991, 6(4): 379

We isolated a new baculovirus—Pavoenerin orient Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (PoNPV). The polyhedral IBs range in size from 1.06—2.42μm. The virions are rod-shoped, approximately 385×55μm. The rate of death was 95%when P.orient laraves were infected with PoNPV.

The cDNA Cloning and Nucleotide Sequence of the Minor Capsid Gene of Rice Dwarf Virus

YE Yin, ZHAO Feng, GAO Ju, TIAN Bo

1991, 6(4): 381

Rice Dwarf Virus was isolated and purified from infected rice leaves. The cDNA of the minor capsid gene was synthesized with synthetic oligonucleotides as primers and amplified by PCR The cDNA sequence of the minor capsid gene was determined and has high homology to that of Japanese isolate.